Château Puyfromage

The frost destroys our vines

Le gel dévaste nos vignes - Château Puyfromage

70% of our vineyard was 100% frozen on Thursday 27 April.

The vegetative cycle was a fortnight in advance, the buds were well out… until Thursday April 27 when the temperature dropped to -3 °C in our control plot.

We had not seen that since 1991…

The spectacle of our “burned” vines is absolutely distressing.

It is too early to appreciate the ability of frozen vines to produce grapes.
Will the second buds grow ?
Will the vines bloom ?
We already know that we will have a very little harvest.

But we are passionate… and ready to face the challenges before us.
To reassure us we say that the freeze of 1961 had given little quantity but an exceptional vintage.
Wait and see !

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– Château Puyfromage
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