Château Puyfromage

Know-how : Ageing

The stainless steel tanksDuring this stage that lasts for 16 to 18 months, the wine will gain in finesse and complexity: the tannins will soften and the aromas will further develop.

The ageing will determine the wine’s profile: its structure, its aromas. We have made the choice to present to you a fruity, round wine with a developed and supple tannic structure. We age the wines in vats to preserve its freshness and youth.




The wine ware houseTastingThe following operations are undertaken :
Racking : we transfer the wine from one vat to another to remove the lies and a part of the co2 gas.

Blending : resulting from the different vat tastings, this permits the complementarity of our three grape varieties and to, therefore, create the vintage.

Fining : clarifies the wine by allowing the fine, suspended particles to settle at the bottom of the vats.

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