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La vigne pousse ! Notre équipe est au travail. - Récolte 2020 Vin Bordeaux

The vine grows ! Our team is at work.

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The vine grows ! Our team is at work - The 2020 harvest wine BordeauxThe vine grows ! Our team is at work.

We took special measures to ensure the safety of our team which continues to work the vineyard to prepare the 2020 harvest.

Nature is rough with us : we had two cold days on April 3 & 4 ; we protected the vine by lighting bales of straw on fire.

We have organized ourselves to ensure continuity of deliveries.
Containment and tastings are not incompatible… take this opportunity !

May strength, courage and patience be with you in this difficult period.

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– Château Puyfromage
Great wine from Bordeaux– Côtes de Francs

Vendanges 2019 : C'est parti ! Au Château Puyfromage, Vin de Bordeaux

Here we go ! Harvest 2019

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Harvest 2019 : Here we go !

Wednesday, the 2 nd of October : general mobilization in Puyfromage…The grape harvest is beginning.
Good harvest in prospect thanks to an exceptionally sunny summer.

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– Château Puyfromage
Great wine from Bordeaux – Francs Côtes de Bordeaux