Château Puyfromage

Vintage 2015

Vintage 2015 : A charming and gourmand vintage


Millésimes 2015 - Château PuyfromageWeather conditions

In general terms, the year has been the hottest and the sunniest on the territory since the beginning of the meteorological statistics.
A rainy winter that helped to fill the ground water, allowing the vineyard to face the future drought.
Perfect spring climatic conditions for the different decisive stages of vineyard evolution :
– A late but continuous and fast bud-burst,
– A early and homogeneous flowering,
– A correct berry setting announcing an homogeneous maturity.

Hot and dry June and July. They allowed a progressive installation of a water stress causing the slowing down and the stopping of the growth of the vine before the veraison thus promoting the maturity of the fruit and its concentration.
At the end of July, the rain fell on the right time to avoid any blockage in the vegetative cycle and to promote a perfect veraison: fast and concentrated over a fortnight.
A low rainfall in August allowed the vine to continue the process of concentrating its fruit while giving a normal size to the berries of grapes.

Harvest and Vinification

Merlots and Cabernets have reached a very high level in natural sugar.
A perfect sanitary state, an even incredible one.

From September on, with the Indian summer we were able to spread out the harvest and to choose the best maturity for each plot.
The grape harvest was wonderful; quality and maturity of the grapes are homogeneous, sign of a great vintage.
The grape harvest took place from the 6th to the 17th of October with perfect weather conditions.
The grapes were picked up at night because the daytime temperatures were quite high. We wanted to bring in the grapes as cold as possible in order to carry out a pre-fermentation maceration of several days.
The fermentations were carried out smoothly. The quality of the grapes allowed us to operate a further extraction at the end of the fermentation up to temperatures of 29-30 ° C.


Aromatic wines, without green aspect, with velvety, fleshy and refined bodies.
The Merlots have fruit, color and concentration. They offer beautiful aromas.
The Cabernets are powerful and tannic.
The exceptional climatic conditions of 2015 give rich, concentrated and balanced wines.

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